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 الدكتور عبدالرحمن النويصر


Ejadah  Training  and  Consultancy  Group  was  founded  in  2008  by  Dr. Abdulrahman Alnowaisser “PhD in Public Health”, the former Assistant Deputy Minister of Preventive Medicine in the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health. Dr. Alnowaisser have worked in the Saudi Ministry of Health for more than 30 years in multiple leadership positions. He then retired and  founded  Ejadah  Health  Training  &  Development  Center,  Ejadah CPR Center, and finally Ejadah Safety Training Center.


Ejadah Group is now one of the leading and fastest growing consultancy companies in Saudi Arabia and has more than 6 years of consulting & training experience fields such as health, safety, and administration.Ejadah ensures a higher level of excellence, quality control, and efficiency is achieved in order to elevate the capacities, abilities, and performance level of organizations by providing required.

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Health & Development Courses

Training & Development

Ejadah Health Training & Development is deeply determined to provide the best training and development possible for trainees.


Ejadah Safety center is well aware of those essential elements leading to safe and healthy workplace…

CPR Center

Our center provides sic Life Support courses daily for the health public and private sectors, companies, and manufactories.


Hijama (cupping therapy) is provided in a safe, clean and hygienic environment by qualified Hijama therapists.

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